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Deck of 120 memo cards "Completo"

Discover an organisation tool that finally allows you to manage several projects at the same time, while remaining light and 100% modular. The “Completo” deck is composed of all our memo cards patterns. Available in three colours, they will allow you to easily manage several projects at the same time. This deck also adapts to all uses thanks to its six different patterns: note-taking, project management, drawing, lists, creative writing, planning, and so on. You name it!


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Composition of the”Completo” deck : 20 blue lined memo cards + 20 blue dotted memo cards + 20 pink blank memo cards + 20 pink ruled memo cards + 20 yellow squared memo cards + 20 yellow to-do list memo cards. Ideal for your organisation, project follow-up or revision flashcards.


Small handy format: A7 (74 x 105 mm).
Print in France with vegetable inks.
Thick italian paper (260 g/m²), recycled and recyclable.

Additional information

Find on our online stationery shop more Foglietto decks: the thematic decks “Organizzazione” and “Creatività“, the deck with 120 yellow cards “Giallo“, the deck with 120 blue cards “Blu“, the deck with 120 pink cards “Rosa” and so much more!

The Foglietto memo cards are inspired by a stationery item invented in the 18th century. To find out more about this, we invite you to visit the “historical stationery” board of our Pinterest account or the History page of our website. Each month, we also return in images on the history of certain stationery items via our Instagram account. To do so, go to our “History” stories, on the front page of our profile.

We also invite you to visit Foglietto’s blog, the Notepad. In addition to examples of how to use your cards, you will find many tips and tricks to unleash your creativity and improve your time management and organisation. A number of articles will also give you a practical introduction to different ways of using your Foglietto memo cards, such as cards for visual management, planning or revision flashcards.

The “Completo” deck is also available in kits: the “Via” kit contains the Busta natural cork folder + a “Completo” deck of 120 index cards; the “A posto” kit contains the “Scatola” solid wood storage box + a “Completo” deck of 120 index cards.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg

Find our iconic memo cards, available in six patterns and four different colors and presented in decks of 120 cards each, on our online stationery store.

Store, file, transport and display your cards thanks to our solid wood storage boxes, our leather or cork carrying cases or our Kanban folders.

Our memo cards are designed to support your projects and your most surprising ideas. Cover them with your notes and drawings, pin them up, display them, erase them… In a word:

So much more than an online stationery shop

One of Foglietto memo cards’ greatest asset compared to the notebook is that they can be exchanged, lent, offered… Live and be passed on…! In this spirit, we are eager to exchange with you about our products and to make Foglietto grow according your needs and desires. Much more than just an online stationery store, Foglietto is an authentic creative community. Join us now on Instagram and Pinterest!

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